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Wirklich morgens so traurig…

Mitten in meinen zähen Kampf mit Diss-Fußnoten-Kleinkram platzt gerade diese wunderschöne Spam-Poesie und rettet den Tag:

Lieber Freund und Partner zum zu sein,

Ergänzung des Tages.

Wenn ich zu mich angemessen sein muss, würde ich glauben wollen dass diese Post Sie halten kann ein wenig unbehagliches in Betracht der Tatsache das wir kennen uns nicht aber aufrichtig, that’s der Hauptgrund warum I beschloß, mit Ihnen in Verbindung zu treten.

Wirklich morgens so traurig, wie ich nie bedeutete, zu setzen Sie off-guard durch, was I beabsichtigen Sie, Ihnen hier zu erklären, schätze ich es sehr, wenn Sie total meine Situation und Position betreffend das Thema verstehen, das ich hier verbreite.

“the most annoying thing since email chain letters …”

…and Joris made me part of it. But since it’s the first time I’ve been tagged for a blog meme, I thought I might just as well pass it along. So here’s the deal: pick sentence 6-8 on page 123 of the nearest book, write them down and pass the game on to 5 other bloggers. Or else…

My sentences come from Stewart Clegg’s Frameworks of Power:

“The stability of the relationship between the nature of a thing and the appropriate conditions for the realization of that nature is highly problematic for social phenomena, precisely because the causal relationship is mediated by judgement, choice, will (subjectivity) rather than being unmediated by reflection. Of course, the range is variable: in perhaps 90 percent of cases, one may say that drivers in such and such a city, at a specific intersection (observed for a specific period) and at a recurrent time, always stop at a red light. However, it is still knowledge of the highway code which enables them to stop: they know what a red light means and have reasons for almost never running a red light at this particular intersection.”

It would be interesting if someone put together all these bits of text at some stage, but I don’t see how they would find them. Anyway, now it’s your turn:

Bernhard Rieder at

Jan Schmidt at

Tina Guenther at

Klaus Schönberger at Kulturwissenschaftliche Technikforschung

Sebastian Erlhofer at Netzwerkkommunikation